This new beard & face wash supports beard growth, making beards look healthier, stronger and fuller when used in conjunction with the Intense Beard Oil. Rich and caring ingredients including hemp and lemon oils leave your beard feeling soft, fresh and well-groomed.

Why use Brisk Intense Beard & Face Wash:

  • It supports beard growth and makes your beard feel fuller* – 72% of consumers who tested it agreed that their hair felt fuller and more voluminous**
  • It helps beard hair look perceivably stronger* – 84% of consumers who tested it agreed that the hair of their beard was perceivable stronger**
  • It helps your beard feel fresh and groomed
  • It contains nourishing and conditioning ingredients
  • It gives your beard a fresh lemon scent

How to use our beard & face wash

  • Massage into face and wet beard, lather and thoroughly rinse off. Use more for longer beards. Use twice daily.
What else should I be using?

For best results, use our wash followed by our Intense Beard Oil

* When used in conjunction with BRISK Intense Beard Oil
**Ayton Moon Consumer Trials, 2018